Aniqua posted Mar 14, 17

FINALLY there is more information about this years Meetup! To simplify I have highlighted the the information about the official meetup with green, and the extra side trip to Sweden in blue. =)

The official meetup will be held in Denmark 4-7th August. We will be staying at Noit’s house.

The sign up fee will be 30 Euro. This will be used for food and other necessities. No one will be set up as attending
 UNTIL this fee is on the account!

Last date to join is 4th of July. If you are signed up but for some reason won't be able to attend after this date you will not be able to get your signup fee back. If you however notify us that you won't be able to join before the 4th of July you will get your signup fee back.

We have decided on a soft cap of 25 people for this meetup. 

Then after the meetup whoever wants to will be able to go with me from Denmark to Gotland (Sweden) for medieval week. We will travel with flight from Copenhagen on the 8th of August together.

I will need to know who’s coming with to Gotland before the end of March and then I’ll book the flight for us the 1st of april. The trip home from Gotland sometime between the 9th-13th of August will be booked by the people joining individually for whenever you wanna head home.

The plain ticket from Copenhagen to Gotland will probably be around 105 Euros.

The meetup fee and flight cost (if you’re joining both) to Gotland for those joining there should both be payed to the same account. For bank details message Emma or Noit.

Finally HYPE!!!!!